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  1. I came accross http://www.ibcharts.com/ on a nice sunny day. :)

    The chrting looks better than own IB charts. What a pity.

    What charting software do you use?
    Why do you pick this charting software?
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    I really love this so far, I havent found any better software (posted on another thread but thats all crappy online java garbage with little indicators and forced subscription/spam) than this for the fact that:
    a) After a month, free end-of-day data (you can get info on the prices for the 20th on the 21st at 8am)
    b) Mickey Mouse ease of setting stuff up. I've just began delving into trading (reading, learning about indicators) and charting is very easy to use.
    c) Easy printing/saving of different charts, useful for studying later off-computer.

    If anyone knows any other software better than this (remember no monthly fee!) please tell!

  3. Ugh, that's some ugly software.
  4. Instead of asking obvious quesions just read the existing reviews and posts about this subject (there are plenty) and then install Quotetracker. It's free with ads, but fgs. pay the man some, he has certainly deserved it.

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    Anyone else use IB chart trader? I open it by accident a week ago and I place every trade through it since.

  6. Hi
    I use IB for quite some time.
    Using Medved QT as a main charting software.
    Two pcs running QT with quotes from IB &OptionsXpress repectively.
    I have placed orders thto QT in OXPS a/c not IB yet.
    recently installed IB charts & opened it,surprised it asked me to sign in to TWS independently & had multiple charts + normal trading function.
    I like the feature of QT running say 5-10 charts with out straining the pc with TWS also running behind to place the orders.
    How is your experience of IB charts? what set ups you like the most?
    your experience in Ib charts will be more useful
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    Yes I use QT charts sometime, but enter orders through IB chart graphical order entry. You have to click little green icon to turn it on.
  8. Yes, it is nice for chartists.
    However it seems it is not flexible and fast enough to place and manage different orders (eg Buy and cancel orders cannot be done quick. Need to press Buy, then press Cancel)
  9. I don't think the choice is not obvious since different people are giving different answers.

    Why do you think QuoteTracker is the definite choice?
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