IB’s Option Trading Desk now available for large size NDX orders

Discussion in 'Events' started by IB Kevin, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. IB Kevin

    IB Kevin

    Interactive Brokers’ Options Trading Desk now supports voice brokered quotes and executions for large size (100+ contracts) orders in NDX options.

    IB customers can call our desk to get real time quotes prior to trading, which may increase the opportunity for price improvement on your order. Our option desk may also be able to offer greater liquidity than is available electronically. This service is ideal for clients who trade large size or spread orders, or need better access to the markets when away from the office.

    To discuss how IB can help with your option trading needs, or to request this service for additional option classes, please contact our trading desk at 203-618-4030 or optiondesk@interactivebrokers.com. Thank you.