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    IB's Book Trader for Single-Click Transactions

    With IB's new Book Trader tool you can transmit orders at different prices or off the best bid and ask with a single click. The Book Trader displays as a separate window for whichever contract you select. It shows the current best bid and ask price, the last price and alternative bids and offers away from the inside quote. To open Book Trader, select a contract on the trading page and use the right-click menu to select Book Trader. Check the "Armed" box to allow single-click order transmission. If you don't check the "Armed" box, Book Trader will not work. The "armed" functionality is the same as the Instantaneous Transmit feature associated with hotkeys.

    Once Book Trader is open and armed, it works like this:

    A click on the Bid size initiates a Buy Limit order at the associated price.
    A click on the Ask size initiates a Sell Limit order at the associated price.
    A right click on the Bid size initiates a Buy Stop order at the associated price.
    A right click on the Ask size initiates a Sell Stop order at the associated price.
    Hold the Alt key and click on the Bid or Ask size to create a Bracket order.

    To cancel a buy order, click on the Bid size on the row with the order.
    To cancel a sell order, click on the Ask size on the row with the order.
    To modify the order, click in the desired price field above or below the currently selected line.

    Open as many Book Trader windows as you want. Working orders are shown on the Pending page just like orders you create from the trading page.

    Below the trading area are four function buttons. The Shortcuts button opens the Hotkeys and Mouse Shortcuts dialog box. The shortcuts displayed are those in the bulleted list above. You can modify the configuration of existing shortcuts by selecting an action and clicking Configure. The Clear Log button clears all data from the white log area above the buttons. The Sound Manager button lets you assign sound settings to specific actions. The Close button closes Book Trader.

    (IB TWS Build 820)

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    Nice ! I already love it ! :)
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  3. This tool is great!!!! I'm trying to figure out if we can modify the stop and target offsets for a bracket order once we send them. Also, using the demo, the stop order is sent as a "stop" order to GLOBEX. Is there a way to modify it to a stop-limit order?


  4. For a bracket order, the stop and target orders can be modified from the pending page. The changes get reflected in the book trader.

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    Can this Book Trader somehow be integrated with Bracket Trader? Or perhaps Bracket Trader or another front-end platform has a similar function?
  6. I have downloaded a very newest version of TWS. Now I got a problem. Everything was working very good specially Booktrader etc. But now with newest version of Book trader it does not work properly. Any time I submit the order it freezes itself and then I have to restart the TWS again. It happened 4-5 times today. Order went thru but booktrader and TWS both froze.

    If someone please let me know what I should do to avoid this. I thing it is java or API problem.

    Thank you in advance