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  1. What's with IB? I use the net TWS and just get blank tickers. And when I called the Help Desk, it didn't send me into any kind of automated phone system - my call just "hung" after a "thanks for calling interactive brokers". Anybody else having technical difficulties?
  2. US markets are closed today for Bad Friday.
  3. zcar


    maybe because the markets are closed for trading today?
  4. Maybe you should call New York. I think they forgot to open the market today.
  5. :D
  6. Oops!
    Keep in mind I live in the Land of the Politically Correct. There isn't a person in my entire state that gets Good Friday off. The thought never even crossed my mind!
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    My first reaction was :D :D :D . But to be honest I never know what's closed or opened. I am only sure about Christmas. And I know the U.S. Post Office is always closed.
  8. But you can call the post office 24/7. I know, because I called them 5 times last year and spent hours on the phone with all different kinds of people to try and get a simple change of address to work. To this day, exactly ONE letter has been forwarded to my new address...
  9. I too had a data problem today all my charts were blank and the quotes were frozen ahahahah
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    I had the same problems calling IB on Thursday, March 21. Tried to call them 4 times, got the automatic "thanks for calling IB" message, and then absolutely nothing... I notified their customer service via chat, but it looks like it didn't help...
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