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  1. waiting for my acct to be approved - will be trading bond futures and e mini s&p - what is the benefit of getting esignal when they have their own charts?
  2. moondog


    their charts are fine... esignal costs a lot and the IB charts will do.. i guess if you find you want to be more advanced and dont like the charting then you can always get it... good luck with your trading
  3. Thanks Moondog - appreciate the feedback - do you trade t bond futures with IB?
  4. Once you have an IB account get and install QuoteTracker. It is free and much better than IB charts.
  5. It all depends on what your strategy is. If it is very basic then Ib charting will do, but if you plan on backtesting or looking at historical data then you better pony up for a third party charting app.

    as always, just my 2¢