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  1. I got this email from IB hours later on a YM trade that's not reported in TWS. They manually entered a trade (long at 10045 after YM has tanked!) into my account. Could this be related to the stupid price change BUG in TWS while it was hit?

    Has this happened to anyone here before? How do you handle it? Do we have to eat the shit from IB's error?

    Dear Trader,
    We received a YM execution for your account that was not reported automatically. We are manually entering this execution in your account and you will receive it shortly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    Interactive Brokers Customer Service
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    Did you ever enter an order at this price level? If so, did you cancel it? Did you get confirmation of the cancel?

    Did you try modifying the original order? If so, did you receive confirmation of the modification?

    Was there an IB system error at some point that you were aware of? For example, did you send in an order and it never went "green" and then you tried to cancel that order and it went "pink." And then you forgot about that order and considered it inactive?

    I've been stuck in a few positions at IB a few days late because I never received confirmations for a cancel and didn't follow up on the matter. This happened several years ago though.

    If you got confirmation of either your modify or cancel, then you shouldn't be stuck with any executions.
  3. Sorry to hear this; must be very frustrating. Glad I switched.

  4. No, this was not stuck order. I think what happened was I placed an order covering my short at 10049. Then I saw mkt was falling so I was changing price to 10045 while in the middle of the change the order at 10049 was hit. TWS simply removed the order as filled. There's nothing there to indicate the second execution at the time since TWS showed I was flat after that execution at 10049.

    As indicated by IB's email, it's their system error that didn't report the two executions (10045 and 10049). IB got this execution report from the exchange after the mkt close. Their system failed to report the execution basically.

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    If you were changing the price in the same order and they executed it twice (once at each price) I would think it would be their error and not yours. The price change you entered shouldn't have gone through if the order was already executed and the system should be responsible for canceling and changing the price.
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    Seems like you need to call somebody at IB. They should have a complete log of what happened and you should be able to pinpoint a system error on their part. If it is an IB system error, they should eat it.
  7. While the original order was hit, it left a "T" on the transmit column, but I never hit the "T", therefore I didn't transmit the actual order, TWS did due to some kind of software bug in handling the price change and execution update from the backend. This kind of executing twice during the change has happened to me before, but TWS showed all the executions. This time TWS didn't show anything about the second execution.

  8. Another question about the trade. Do I need to liquidate the long position now or I have to wait until it's all resolved?

    I have talked to IB help over the online chat but they refered me to help@interactivebrokers.com. My email was not replied so far.

    YM may go down even more tonight.

    What will happen if I liquidate it and IB decides to break the trade later? What a pain!!!
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    Unless they said they were still investigating, you had better assume any movement against you is going to be your loss so if you don't offset it keep a close eye on it.

    Immediately ask IB if you need to liquidate the trade to get flat even though you question the execution.
  10. In the C:\JTS directory, the msgIn.t and msgOut.t files contain all the FIX messages you sent and received. Unfortunately its is erased everytime you log into TWS, so you need to copy these files and save them. Should give you some info when you contact customer service.

    I have gotten double fills when trying to modify an order during a spike. They showed up in my execution reports and total position windows.

    What is the price change bug you are referring to?

    (Looks like I might start archiving msgIn and msgOut files as regular practice.)
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