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  1. Anyone else having this problem?

    I have an IB account that was converted to a Universal account in July 2002. (Old account number starting with an S, new account number starting with a U)
    Now the yearly statement with all transactions is available on the site but only from July 1 on (after the conversion of the acct to a Universal acct). Any way to get the transactions from the "S" acct?

    If no one can help, I will have to try IB Customer Svc :(
  2. If you login to your account in IB's website and go to 'Statements & Downloads", you should be able to scroll down to where it says 'Old Account'.
  3. esc trader,

    I trade with IB and they listed both of my accounts on their Website. Go to statements and downloads and scroll down and you should see statements listed for your new Universal Account and your old account.

    Good luck
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    esc trader:

    I have the same problem. Under "Yearly Transaction Summary", only transactions from the "new" (Universal Account) are listed. Under "Old Account Form 1099", the only option is for year 2001.

    I did contact IB by email. They referred me to the recent communique which stated that in the next few days this would begin to be updated. Wish they would get with the "program". It's already February 17!!!

    Perhaps def will pick up on this thread.

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    yearly account statements are being generated in batches starting from the most active clients (as stated in the communique). Give it a few more days. e-mails to the help desk regarding 1099's are being forwarded to a specific group that are handling them. Yesterday was a US holiday and thus I expect a backlog of mails that they have to process when they come to work on Tuesday. You're mail should be addressed by them.
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    I have had access to mine for a while now...

  7. Bob111


    i been ask IB from beginning of the year about summary statements.. all other companies send you one before end of january. IB is a special... they give us half of it - which is statement for universal account. after number of calls, emails i figure out, that there is no other chose(according to CS) to calculate PL for ALL transactions- but sum manually all transactions from monthly statements of old stock and options account. believe me, i ask this question many times, because i do realize amount of work, but that what CS reps are say. and i even did not get answer at all on my last email, probably because they are probably too busy for me... ask same question here-no answer from anyone. maybe all IB customers send their taxes in last day? i don't know...not my style anyway. ok, fair enough... using excel, access, some SQL knowledge i did it before march,
    and guess what i found in my email today? right! STATEMENT IS READY! wow! March 5! no shit! it is ready? that was quick! and you still have to calculate it anyway, but at least now it on one page.
    Thank you IB one more time for nice support of you customers(people, who feed you))))
    Thank you!