IB yearly statement?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by battle river, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. has anyone received their 2007 yearly statement yet? trying to access mine but still not available.
  2. Bob111


    yes, they out at least two weeks ago
  3. GTC


    Then, it is gone again --at least for some people as IB is sorting out some issues.
  4. Bob111


    yeah.. ib is probably fixing something..
    anyway- i did check couple accounts-at least for me statements are available on both.
  5. ok thanks.i'll check with them:)
  6. IB gives this statement when I goto the statement page:

    <i>Warning: Some of the cost basis calculations displayed on your 2007 annual statement are incorrect and a new annual statement will be generated for US customers by 03/10/2008 and for non-US customers by 03/28/2008.

    The MTM & FIFO P/L calculations displayed are correct even for those transactions with an incorrect cost basis.</i>
  7. Bob111


    it's always good idea with ib to wait as long as possible for those statements\forms..they(IB) will mess with it for while, even after their promised release dates..
    as long, as i remember-they never on time with tax forms\statements and they never completely accurate. at least for me.
    that's why i 'm doing my taxes by myself.some creativity is required to match the numbers..