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Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by keystroke, Sep 27, 2007.

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    I've only recently been reading these boards but have already learned a lot from them. Since I am new please excuse me if this is the incorrect forum to post the following question and feel free to move it to the correct area.

    I've been using Interactive Brokers to trade for about a year now after having left Scottrade which I used for 2 years. I much prefer the more professional feeling platform. However one problem I am having is data import. With ST I was able to import data into Quicken through its OneStepUpdate feature. With IB I must download a file into Quicken - this itself is not a problem. But I find that after I download each previous month into Quicken, and then each day of this month, I wind up with incorrect amounts somehow. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If there is better software to manage investments other than Quicken, please recommend it so that I can switch over.

    I would in particular like software which lets me calculate year to date gains, and will show me where I entered and exited a stock in relation to where it was and where it is now so that I can perform a technical analysis.. all the usual bells and whistles would be great. Quicken is too bare in this regard and really only useful for managing my checkbook.

    I have been making nice returns but I want to be able to track my investments closer to be able to optimize my trading strategy. Any advice is much appreciated!