IB - WTF is this?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by cscott, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. cscott


    When trying to view my daily statement from yesterday, I've been getting this error message all day.

  2. cvds16


    yes, because of your frequent bashing threads of IB, IB has decided to totally remove your account !:D :D :D

    get a clue sucker :p
  3. cscott


    You must be a kid that's trying to be funny. Sorry, but I was looking for an INTELLIGENT response.

    FWIW, I admit I have pointed out problems with IB, but that's not the same as bashing. Learn the difference, OK?
  4. He's right. I got PM's from IB reps last night letting me know they've decided to get rid of both scotts.

    It's your message scotty. Go now!
  5. I think that making false accusations, which you have done repeatedly to IB, does qualify as "bashing", rather than having "pointed out problems."
  6. I agree, the term 'basher' is vey apt.

  7. did you try to contact them via email or phone ??? :confused:
  8. Don't try to help him ... this is his chance to show some spine for once and leave. That's what IB want and the rest of us are bored with his never ending whinging. Go Scotty ... they're sending you the message. :p