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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by roncer, Mar 10, 2006.

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    I entered a market sell order on Apple around 3:30 EST today and decided to cancel as the fill was going to be lousy. To my surprize the Status did not turn red but instead went pink and then after a few minutes the color went to orange. I called in and was told they are working on it. Well it's been an hour and a half and the order is still not cancelled or filled......and the color is still orange on Status. They said they would call and let me know when they get the problem fixed. Well I am still waiting here FRUSTERATED..
  2. Did you try logging out and then back in again?
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    That.s the first thing I tried.
  4. Did you ask when you could next expect to hear further communication, regardless of whether or not the problem has been resolved by that time?
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    Thier data person just said, " I will call you back when it's fixed that's all I can do."
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    I have a few stuck orders well.

    This is happening more and more frequently with IB during the past months.

    the good news is that all my previous orders got cancelled, so very likely the same thing will happen this time. The orders will be gone monday morning.
  7. Are they perhaps going to leave you not knowing your position over the weekend?
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    i am on the phone holding right now............as price keeps creeping higher.
  9. ]

    I do not believe it is wise to make that assumption. Orange or pink orders usually do not result in executions, but IB documentation says that they can, and I have seen this happen. I suggest taking all possible precautions at this time, in order to prevent avoidable future losses.
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    now the phone keeps ringing.......but nobody is picking up.

    i bet the trade will be hanging there all week-end the way things

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