ib wont load option charts after close

Discussion in 'Options' started by qwert, May 26, 2010.

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    ib wont load option charts after the close. this is new. r they trying to save money on data feeds or what. ib is uselss to me if i cant load charts after the close or have the fear charts arent going to load.

    why in the hell does it take so long to load a chart with ib. its only getting worse with each upgrade. and the huge memory and cpu hog ib is. its really fun having yr cpu pegged at a 100% all day.

    ib can provide option data longer than a month. i was looking at an option chart at night and after calling tech pointing that out and it showed the full option months. but now it doesnt again.

    cboe wont let u save option charts to yr hard drive. u save one, then try to save another and it replaces the chart u just saved. cboe also only shows options charts going back one month. these people r black slimey turd rats

    well i planned on looking at option charts all night but my ib option chart open fr 15 minutes wont load, thats nice. wonder if option charts open before the close will take any modification like time or indictors or if u touch them for reloading will the stop working.
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    ib's also so awesome around 10 pm were it keeps losing its connection and reconnecting so many times it drives u nuts and u have to shut it down. u just keep hear the disconnect tone 20 or 30 times. ding, dind ding dingggggg dddddddddddiingggggggggggDIIIIIIIIiinggggding ding.

    or how about when ib is so slow because u have the option trader open that u place an order and it just sits there and the box wont turn green.then mofify yr order and everything is in slow motion. maybe i ll log in on their webpage with the tradestation program that takes 15 minutes to load.

    or may ill use the line instead of time bars, but every time interval makes the line chart different and if u zoom in that also changes the how techincal indicators work.

    charts at the end of the screen with the line, keep clicking the arrow to get some space but it doesnt work. click to a time bar then it works. open up a few line graphics , the best to look at and the cpu is pegged and everything slows down.
  3. What software are you using to view/save cboe charts?