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    I want to withdraw 50K euros from IB and it's the first time I am doing this 2 times in a month, so I will have a withdrawal fee( SEPA 1 EUR ). My question is do they take the 1 EUR fee on the amount wired or do they take it on your account? Will I get 50000 or 49999 EUR at my bank?For some reason I want to get exactly 50000 EUR at my bank.

    Thanks a lot for your help.:)
  2. Roark


    That one euro one will make or break you, huh?
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    As I see you want to know, I am creating a corp and this is the amount I need on the certificate of the bank. You know the answer?
  4. I have done multiple withdrawals in the past.

    I dont recall them deducting the charge from the wire.
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    Thanks, me too, but I have never paid a fee as the first withdrawal of the month is free.

    Confirmation from others?:)
  6. cstfx


    It comes from the account, not the wire or withdrawal. First withdrawal free. This is clearly on their site.


    Your receiving bank, however, may charge you a fee to receive the wire. They may charge you a fee for you to give them money. Why? I don't know