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  1. WRenak


    Is anyone here using this combo? I realize that QT is free with TD but the benefits outweigh the extra costs.

    If anyone is successfully using this combo, what I'm wondering specifically is...are you using the data package from IB or from another source, like DTN? I like the idea of using the data from DTN to feed Quotetracker but trade through IB. Is that even possible?

  2. schizo


    Yes, it's possible. Simply select DTN as your quote source and IB as your broker.
  3. WRenak


    Thanks Schizo. Are you using this setup?

    I called IB after I posted and they said I could use another feed but I could have latency issues so I should use their data.

    I don't care whose data I use - I just thought DTN would be the most reliable.
  4. QT + IB data works very well. The only thing is the limitation on long term charts. IB charts only go back a few years. Hopefully they will add more in the future.

    Also QT has long term charts available through right clicking BigCharts.
  5. schizo


    I used to, until I ran into a latency problem associated with the IB data. :D

    Hence, I suggest you go with DTN as your main source for the data feed.
  6. WRenak


    :p Thanks!
  7. BSAM


    IB + QT = GoodToGo

    Use BigCharts for historical charting in QT.
  8. If I use IB with QT and DTN as data source provider, do I need to subscribe to DTN?
  9. Catoosa


    Yes, go to QuoteTracker site and you will find the cost of the DTN choices. I have used QuoteTracker for several years without DTN feed. I use IB for futures data and AT for the balance of my data. QT has worked great.
  10. Thanks.
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