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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by msg, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. msg


    Does anyone use IB with QT as the front end? Does IB charge extra for cancellations because of this?
  2. paulus


    hi msg,

    i do use QT with IB and it works just fine for me;
    only disadvantage, you need to always have IB 'on' for data-input

    cancellation fees ??


  3. There are no extra cancel fees for API access that I have ever heard of for IB
  4. mark1

    mark1 Guest

    you can find info on their web site under the voice "other fees"
  5. mark1

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    Exchange Cancel and/or Modify Order Fees

    US Direct API stock orders (does not apply to US smart API orders)=USD 0.12/Cancel or modify order.

    From what i read above , there's a fee only when you modify or cancel a stock order with a specific destination and through API.
    No fees when you modify or cancel an order sent via Api to smart or directly on tws.
    There's also an execution credit.
    I'm not an English native speaker, so maybe I'm misunderstanding
    what I read, if this is the case I apologize in advance.