IB with Ninja Trader and DTN IQ Feed?

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  1. Is it possible to use Ninja trader 7 for trade execution and charts with Interactive Broker (I have a Ninja Trader license already)?

    Also, can I use DTN IQ feed or Kinetick (Kinetick is a re-branded DTN IQ feed for Ninja Trader use only) with IB?

    I don't like IB trading platform and I don't like their feed as I need to do market delta bid/ask analysis. I just want to use IB for their futures offering, especially asian futures.

    If I can use NT7 and my own feed, then I would be ok.
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    Their feed is not as bad as many say, I have often used it, including with cumulative Delta. But DTN IQ or Kinetick (same house) as a feed and trades placed through IB is a standard set up as well. You need to ask NT, should not be an issue.
  3. short - another plus to using kinetick (as opposed to dtn directly) is that if you're using nt and have a live funded trading account at one of nt's broker partners you get cme fees waived. so say you only trade ES, your monthly cost is just for nt (unless you bought lifetime license) and $50 for kinetick as opposed to a lot more w/ dtn even though it's the same feed. also the dtn feed in kinetick is written directly to nt (not through api) so there's less lag. anyways i do NOT work for any of the above companies just a disclaimer. just out their websites for info. the support forum for nt is really helpful.
  4. Thanks guys,

    Kinetick ask for another $20 for market depth. Honnestly, I could not trade without market depth on the NT DOM but at the same time I would prefer not paying these monthly $20. Is it possible to use Kinetick for charts and market delta bid/ask analysis (i.e. market depth not needed for this) and use the broker feed for execution and have the broker feed to populate the NT DOM.

    Ideally, I would be using the free broker feed for execution and depth of market on NT DOM and Kinetick for charts and Bid/ask analysis? Is it possible to segregate both feeds, and say: "I want feed number 1 to do this and feed number 2 to do that"?
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    Just open up the IB book trader DOM, while you are connected to Kinetic for charts and more reliable bid/ask data. No need to sign up for Kinetic MD. Or just open an IB market depth window.
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    Yes you can connect to IB and Kinetick simultaneously, received market data from Kinetick but execute orders through your IB account. If you do not want to pay for MD from Kinetick, open a MD window in IB TWS (as last poster suggested) and you should be fine.
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    How does this work? I trade with ib using ninja but want more historical data
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    awesome Thanks