ib will kill all now with new rates

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by joeyata1, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. these rates are incredible and god help every other broker
  2. uh,

    what are they?

    and how do they differ from previous or others?
  3. .005 all in a drop of 50%. incredible new rates. god bless ib
  4. great news for the one-lot traders.
  5. Htrader

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    Its nice for the small time trader, but for people who already trade size with IB and get the 0.5 the drop in equity commission is nominal. I've been hoping they would drop the rate below 0.5 for larger customers, but i guess thats not happening.
  6. Moreagr


    its still not bad... i trade 1k so it comes out to $5 flat vs. $7.5

    now if your trading 3k per trade then $15 vs $17.5 is not much..but hey i am thrilled :)
  7. if you're trading 3k shares you're a fool being on a per share commissions rate. per share is to scale in. there's #3 per order brokers out there
  8. Babak


    Everyone's excited over the cut but I'm salivating over what will be coming down the pipeline:

    IB can teach Japanese companies a thing or two about Kaizen.
  9. def

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    Couple of key points....

    1. There are no SEC fees or other charges attached to the 1/2 penny rate

    2. Options fees drop to .75 cents per contract (also no exercise or assignment fees)

    3. Order routing is more important than fees. (i.e. IB will continue to plow resources into SMART order routing etc. (that all in fixed rate some crow about may not be as good as you think if the executions suffer).
  10. about time def i've been saying for a year ib's rates were way to high. now with the $1 min one has to be very careful with odd lot fills as they'll incur the $1 commission. i'd jsut advise people to do 200 share smart order markets
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