Ib Why No Singaporen Market Charts

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by joesan, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. joesan


    I wonder why IB does not provide real-time charts for singapore market products BDoes anyone has a clue ?
  2. IB does provide realtime data for singapore futures (SGXNK STW for example) which can be collected using something like Sierrachart.

    If you mean stocks then they seem to only cover the US and major european exchanges. They've skipped Australia, HK and Japan as well --- maybe the interest is lower than in the futures.
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    Thanks for the information but I am also only interested in future products in Singapore. I can not get SGXNK real-time charts( 1-min, 5-min,etc.) on my IB TWS.
    Only tick charts available. I am trying to find new tradable products for my time zone ( Aisan-Pacific ), I have not tried STW, but do you mean you can get realtime charts for SGXNK nowadays?
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    Or kiwi do you mean you can only collect Simax data and display them on a third-party charting software? I want to know why IB does not provide realtime charts for them in their own TWS platform (like HSI contracts)

    In aussie, is there some realtime charting software where you can get aisa-pac future markets charting?
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    I think SGX data is in different server in Asia. Check directly with IB.
  6. There is an IB representative on ET who goes by Def I think. He's always been helpful, so you might want to PM him.
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    Charts for SGX products are offered by IB. They work exactly the same way as charts on any other product.

    I just double-checked this, using TWS 852.2 - and tested that all charts work for all timeframes from 1-min to 1-month.
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  9. joesan


    I always have symbol sgxnk on my TWS quote window.
    Strangely before ( until last week) when I tried to get realtime charts, TWS responded there is no charts for this exchange. But when I rechecked a few minutes ago, sgxnk (ssiz5) chart suddenly appeared. I do not know the reason. But anyway thanks to all the replys above and the nice work of IB. I can now explore additional trading oppurtunities.