IB: When do Day orders get cancelled?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ctrader, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. ctrader


    With IB:

    Does anybody know what time unfilled day orders get cancelled?

    I want to enter stop buy orders the night before, when does the system go through and cancel day orders from the previous day.

  2. if your talking stocks the nyse routed at slightly after 4pm est the rest at 8 pm est.d
  3. I noticed that globex orders get cancelled when the server restarts some time around midnight Eastern. But if I am not mistaken, they also get cancelled immediately after 4:15 Eastern. However, I might be wrong, or maybe I have observed a random glitch.
  4. TD80


    def can probably provide a def-inite (hehe sorry had to) answer to this, but I believe based on my experieces that day orders are closed out at end of normal market hours (for U.S. stocks this is 4:00 pm). I would suggest using GTC orders to avoid any issues with markets officially closing and officially reopening.

    Again def is probably the best person to confirm this!

  5. Tea


    I wonder if one type of stop has priority over another i.e. the day stop vs. the GTC stop as far as first to fill on Globex.
  6. porkchop


    Day orders durring the 23:00 est to 00:15 shutdown
  7. Trading day for index futures at Globex ends at 4:15 pm ET and day orders are not active after this time. For unknown reasons IB TWS does not remove Globex orders from "pending orders page" at this time. Just an effort to confuse customers, I guess ...