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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Simba, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. Simba


    What charting software are traders using with IB?
    What is their experience?
    What are their recommendations?
    How do the various charting softwares compare?
    What is the cost of each software discussed?
  2. I am using Realtick as my data vendor. It really is a first class package but if your idea of paying $300+ a month for Realtick doesn't sit too well with you, you might try nextrend.com. Their software works well, the charts are okay and get the job done for me.

    I'm doing another trial with nextrend alongside Realtick and for my style of trading, I think nextrend will be the way I'll go...costs about half what I pay Realtick and their data feed is just as fast. Their customer service is pretty good, as well.

    So, to sum it up, first class, go with realtick. Next best (for my purposes) is nextrend. You might want to check out esignal...a lot of traders like it.

    Hope I helped answer most of your questions.
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    with Esignal he has to get a charting software i.e. use them onl as a data provider (I heard the charting is horrible) and as a cheaper choice Id recommend "Quicken Quotes Live" (dont know the URL, just type it in Google. Very reliable data, good charting and... well, 40$/mo :)

    God speed

  4. Turok


    >Very reliable data, good charting and... well, 40$/mo

    I used this very service as my backup data provider for some time and eventually dropped them. Their customer service makes IB look like Nordstrom. I even have a acquaintance that works there and the last straw was when threw up his hands and gave up trying to get someone to help me.

  5. JPB


    Please let me know how the comparison goes between realtick and Nextrend. I am using Nextrend now, but started to look at realtick when I noticed the Level 2 quotes were about 1 second behind my Datek streamer feed (my backup, I trade with IB). I am trying to determine if it is actually the feed or if it is the speed of my computer. I think it is the latter, as the quotes are much closer when there is less volume, and my CPU resources are pegged at 100% at the open.


  6. Turok


    >I am trying to determine if it is actually the feed
    >or if it is the speed of my computer. I think it is
    >the latter, as the quotes are much closer when
    >there is less volume, and my CPU resources are
    >pegged at 100% at the open.

    Can't comment on your data feed, but I can say that one of my computers is an older pentium 2 (266mhz) and it simply won't keep up when the volume picks up. As your description, it makes it appear as though the data feed is behind but it is actually the processor that is swamped. I only use it to watch thin stocks.

    Good luck

  7. hmm... I run RealTick on a Pentium 2, 286 without a problem. I used to run it on a 486/66mhz without much problem either. Though back then I never opened more than 1 or 2 charts, a minder and maybe one Level2. During busy markets it was always the 56k modem that got clogged up first.

  8. Turok


    I sure it also really depends on the stock you are trading. I was trading CSCO a bunch when I was experiencing those difficulties and on the open it would just clog.

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  10. Simba


    Has anyone tried NexTrend.com?

    This looks o.k., it's only $80 / mo. for the premium package.

    They have a free package with delayed data, but it has real-time data for CME E-mini futures. I will try that out, in conjuction with PFG Best's futures execution platform (30 day free trial, then $30 / mo.) to practice E-mini trading. Has anyone tried that combination?



    Please let me know what you find and how you like it.

    :) Simba :p
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