ib: what is the order below?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by robinxing, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. I autotrade with TS and owntrade

    sometimes the TWS shows the order which should be canceled by ts

    but the order is a little different from normal order

    the order shows IB

    what is wrong

    thank you
  2. Some exchanges do not have native support for stop orders so IB simulates them. Is the order with "IB" placed on a different exchange? If so the "IB" may mean it is a simulated stop order. Just a guess.
  3. would any IB staff explain to me ?
  4. anyone knows ?
  5. today in the morning the tradestation activates a buy order

    so does the owntrade

    on the moment the owntrade loses connection with IB tws for a few seconds

    later the tradestation cancels the buy order

    but in the IB tws the buy order remains

    here is the pic
  6. another one
  7. IB trading platform looks very confusing. Complexity in trading is a bad thing, it causes all kinds of problems, from technical to human.