IB Website down?

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  1. Since Friday afternoon I have not been able to log in to my IB account.

    Get as far as user name and password, and then something keeps flashing at me, which I assume may be the little applet they use for me to type in my number from the safeword security device.

    I have a mini silver future I need to monitor, and I often day trade options. This is bogus.

    First the message said no IB on Sat or Sun before 12 pm--believe this is a new rule--I'ts 7:17 east coast time and still no access.

    Tried calling Friday and couldn't get through--waited on phone 20 minutes, then 5 pm east coast time came by and I figured they were all gone.

    Anyone else ever had this problem, or heard anything about what's going on.

    I'm travelling, and borrowing a friend's laptop, but I was able to access my tradingworkstation and log-in and all that the day before so I don't see how it could be the computer.

    Btw, I sent an email to IB's chat, but I had to say I did not have an account, because I do not have my account number written down and, of course, I could not log on to get my account number, never mind use their safe server. Also, I had to submit my message under a topic heading that is irrelevant, because their menu didn't describe my problem. So I"m afraid I won't hear from someone from a long time. Needless to say, on Sunday night, I will spend a long time on my cell waiting to talk to someone, if need be.
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    they close down friday evening (about 6pm est)and reopen on sun 12 pm est:D

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    1. do not get over leveraged.

    2. close your loosing positions during market hours.
  4. when i try to log in it says that one cannot log in before 12 pm on sat or sun--it does't say 5 pm fri to sun.

    i am not overleveraged, and, i have a profit. but even if i were losing money, how can i cut my losses if i can't even log on to close the darn position?

    metal futures trade electronically till 6 pm--i've always been able to log on and do my stuff before.

    i can't even log in to see what my account statement is--doesn't that seem f*****d?

    Why did they send me me a statement early Saturday morning if I can't even read it till Sun night when the markets open? I'd like to know my uptodate positions to figure out strategies for the next week.
  5. You're trading mini Silver on Friday night? WTF is there to monitor? Take another hit on the pipe and rest easy until TWS is functional at 12 Noon EDT Sunday.

    ECBOT mini metals trade until 5pm EDT on Friday, not 6pm.
  6. Just went to IB website and it says the system is available until Friday at 11:45 pm.

    On Friday I tried well before that time.

    Guess I'm afraid somebody hacked my account, somehow. But I can't get in to find out and I can't contact anyone. Can't even open the stupid account activity statement they sent me early Sat am.

    When I try to log on it says it's unavailable Saturday and Sunday till after 12 pm.

    Why can't it say from Friday 11:45 pm till Sunday 12:01 pm?

    Also, I could have sworn that in the past I checked my positions on Saturday, just to see what the closing price on Friday was, for when I wasn't there to monitor it.
  7. Been with IB for years and years. AFAIK it's always been like this. You have account mngmnt access most of the time, but NOT trading access.:

    System Availability
    IB operates three main computing centers around the globe: Europe, the U.S. and Hong Kong. New customers are automatically assigned to one of these server facilities based upon their location and/or trading preferences.

    System Availability North American Servers European Servers Asian Servers
    Monday-Friday 24 hours, Mon 00:20 – Fri 23:45 EST
    Saturday Not available
    Sunday Starting 12:00 EST
    Reset times 23:50 – 03:00 EST* 03:59 – 05:00 HKT*

    *System resets will occur throughout the above periods. Accounts will be unavailable for approximately 1 minute in this period.

    While IB offers 24 hour trading, there is a brief period in each business day where certain services may be temporarily unavailable as part of regular system maintenance. This reset period is usually less than 1 minute for most accounts and are scheduled during the times described above

    During the reset period, there will be an interruption in the ability to login or manage orders. Existing orders (native types) will operate normally although execution reports and simulated orders will be delayed until the reset is complete.

    For further information on system availability, please contact tac@interactivebrokers.com.
  8. So why do you think I haven't been able to even log in to my account--yes, I know I can't trade, but why can't I even VIEW my account from Friday afternoon until, hopefully, this Sun 12 noon east coast time?
  9. Makes sense. I can understand your concern that you may have been the recipient of a password/keylogging hack. No chance of anyone moving funds over the weekend and IB initiates a hold on all banking changes. You should be able to login in a few minutes.
  10. Doesn't he have a passcard or secure transaction device?

    My old account got the device, but newer accounts I have can only be used with the card, sent to the address of record. Guess anything can be hacked, eventually...
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