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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by $$$lover, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Hi all:

    Any idea why you can't place MARKET orders in Spot FX when using Web Trader.....I don't see how to place s/l orders either only limit orders.....this slows the trading so much.....is it the same in equities and in futures if so, I am not trading those two at IB.....thanks
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    I asked this question in the thread "IB Suggestions and imporvements."

    Didn't receive answer yet. But what I have found is that you can modify forex stop limit orders and bracket orders place in TWS on webtrader. You just can't initiate them. Limit is greyed-out and fixed.

    I really wish they would add the choice of Market and Stop Limit orders to webtrader Forex/Cash.
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    Thanks...It definitely would be ideal if they allowed Market orders trading in Spot (cash) fx....just like in TWS.....I wonder what the logical explanation could be for not having it...if there is one???
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    IB confirms that this will be fixed soon.
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    That is great news......I have a couple of other items that could/should be fixed in fx related to something that happened to me this weekend....but I can't go into it now....watching mkts at mom....tks...
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    The web-trader is not meant to be used a primary means for accessing the IB offering. Hence, we don't envision it to contain all the functionality the TWS has. We imagined that it would be used for an occasional trade:
    - when the trader has no access to a computer w/ TWS, or
    - when the TWS does not work, or
    - from behind the fire-wall which the user has no control over

    We have on our agenda a not-very-high-priority project of allowing the TWS working from behind firewalls without any special ports enabled.
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    Thanks IB. :)
  8. $$$lover


    DISCLAIMER: I truly love IB so far...its been about a month that I opened the account...although I only transfered a tiny amount.......

    BUT...Obviously after that answer from IB....the arrogance and bad customer service that others here at IB talk about is certainly being proven....that is a shame!!!.....

    Web trader should be for those of us that travel all the time or trade from our "day" jobs or just as we please to use it.......why not give people the power to trade from everywhere all the time.....

    So yeah....THANKS IB!
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    Bad customer service?

    How so?

    IB has 4 means to access the markets:

    1. Browser based TWS.
    2. Stand Alone TWS.
    3. Webtrader
    4. Mobile trader.

    I've used all 4 for trading and/or access to my account. The stand alone TWS can be used from virtually anywhere. The only fix Webtrader needs based on its mission, is the ability to choose order types other than Limit on forex. So you do have multiple means in which to access IB. A great deal of time, research and effort is put into TWS. And since the grand majority of clients use TWS and/or its API, simple logic dictates that that is where the development effort should be placed.
  10. IBsoft

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    Because we have limited resources and can't work on everything at the same time. I don't think there is anything arrogant about admitting that and acknowledging it in our agenda. Although sometimes we try, we can't be everything to everyone.

    Besides, I did mention in my response that we are working (albeit slowly) on allowing the users to trade with from behind the firewall.
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