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  1. Has anyone noticed IB's warrant info is often screwy.

    NXBT warrant , looks like a 3.28 strike but shows as only 3 on the platform.
  2. once again et useless
  3. truetype


    If you want help, start by telling us what IB cust service told you about the issue. (I assume you called, but maybe I shouldn't assume anything...)
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    Why don't you do something about this?
    It's not like you can't.
    Like changing broker?
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  6. Both replies, before
    were imbecilic

    not only cant get a straight answer here, but you get idiots instead
  7. Worth checking the deliverable not just the strike on those (assuming you meant the ticker I think rather than the one you wrote, which doesn't come up). Not long.
  8. Yep, here it is documented, another score .

    Some putz got seeking alpha readers in trouble, buying this garbage at 2-$3, now .50

    But WE knew better
  9. Gee, whoda guest?

    ib finally fixed it a month late and no doubt after many got their asses whopped

    cause they dont read the master
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