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  1. I am a non-us trader. I have WAMU bonds due January 2009 lodged with Interactivebrokers. What happens when they fall due next month?

    I understand holders should file a claim with the WAMU holding company. But since my bonds are with IB, will they file the claim for me?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    How the hell are we supposed to know. Why don't you ask IB or look at WM's shareholder relations page? Do some research dude!
  3. My friend, you need not reply if you do not know the answer.
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    what do you want to claim? a full refund? :)

    here respond from WM for very similar request
    For questions related to Washington Mutual, Inc. common equity, preferred equity and Washington Mutual, Inc. debt please refer to the 8K filed with the SEC on Tuesday, September 30th. http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/933136/000089375008000495/0000893750-08-000495-index.htm

    Glen Simecek
    Washington Mutual-Treasury
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    You need not post if you don't know the answer. Quit being lazy and do some research.

  6. Thanks Bob. That is very helpful.
  7. Uhm... why are you posting here? Got nothing better to do? Embarrassed by my reply and trying to save face? It's ok, we'll forget about it.