IB wait times suck

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    My reply was based on the assumption that one is getting fair price execution from whatever broker one is dealing with. If there's PFOF or some other reason for a sub par fill then that's a different story.

    500 shares round trip at IBKR costs $5, as long fills as fills are 200 shares or more (the $1 minimum ticket). At tastyworks, it's a flat fee of $5 to open with no closing commission. Clearly, one's trade size determines which one is cheaper to trade with.
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  2. Are you joking? 1 h wait times norm...
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    charles krug is a pro trader. you are not an a pro trader, maybe not even an active trader.
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  4. haha, that is great, good for him ;) are you or him paid by IB? ;)
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  5. They claim 1-3 minutes hold time on the recording, and 15 minutes later increase it to 15 minutes.


    spend some more of those billions on CS petterfy
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  6. Given the current state of the markets , I'm convinced IB is charging TOO MUCH
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    Can you elaborate on that?
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  8. waited 20 min to get an agent, now another 30 min to get a tech on the line, all to report a fukking bug in THEIR platform

    I think they make enough money not to waste our time like this
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  9. NEVER picked up. nice. good job guys
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  10. dare ya to call and get through today before 20 minutes.
    but the recording says 3-5

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