IB wait times suck

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  1. Rarely call during the day, but wait times are quite long. Not good
  2. Xela


    I know they can sometimes be unacceptably long, and that universally prompt customer service isn't exactly IB's forte, but to be fair it is the week between Christmas and New Year ... " just saying" ... :confused:
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  3. ...What was the call about...tell all the exact, specific details o_O -- i'm bored,
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    I can get my broker on the phone in 5 minutes to an hour almost everyday. If I need general advice on an options strategy, I get it. I had a half hour call yesterday discussing connectivity, options selling and general strategy advice. All actionable information. I don't get trade recommendations of course but the advice I get (assuming I take it) generally keeps me out of trouble. Unless you're trading Zambian index futures, there are plenty of options. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side... Just gotta look around folks.
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    Who do you use?
  7. Gambit


    Now I'll look like a shill :)..just kidding. Bob Morse, Lightspeed trading. I make no money off this. I'm just a satisfied customer and I prefer to do business with companies that treat me well. That is all. Reach out to Bob. He may be able to help you out.
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    I'm just curious. What do you IB guys and gals do if you need to get out of a trade and TWS is down? Can you get through to the trade desk in a timely manner?
  9. And I’m sure if lightspeed is down you’ll get right through.
    I agree with Xela, half the world is on holiday this week.
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    I don't think this is a holiday issue. There are numerous threads on the issues with IB along with some horror stories. All I'm suggesting is that people should investigate their options. Some people might want a higher level of service and it is readily available. To those that are happy with IB and its level of service, don't switch!
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