IB waaay behind on tech support?

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    At one time IB had a list of routers that were known to work with TWS. In 2002 I bought a router that was on that list (a Netgear FVS318). The Linksys router I was interested in at that time was not on the approved list so I did not buy it. Maybe a good starting point for you would be to try and find out what routers are known to work with TWS and buy one that is expected to work.

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  2. We had a Netgear switch at work that, one day, started dropping packets. Most applications use TCP, where a dropped packet causes the data stream to stop until it's successfully retransmitted.

    The symptoms were that people using telnet connections would experience freezes of several seconds.

    Within a day, it had degraded to the point where PC's connected to the switch could talk to each other, but the switch could not talk to its upstream switch. So it was probably garbling packets in a way that the upstream switch couldn't tolerate but that PC NICs could. We put in a new switch, and the problem was fixed.

    In addition to TCP doing retransmission, applications can have their own retry/recovery algorithms. TWS has one - at some point, within a few seconds, it decides it needs to login again. I have Verizon DSL, and on weekends it's sometimes flakey, slowing down or going out for brief periods. I've found that although browsers recover from these interruptions quickly, the TWS trading window can remain in a frozen state (no prices, pink grid, popup window saying it's logging in again) for several minutes. (Interestingly, during this time I could still bring up charts and get them backfilled.)

    Anyway, the software isn't perfect, and replacing your router seems like the right thing to do.
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    My trusty Linksys router of about 5 years just deteriorated on me. Bought a new Linksys and all my problems have disappeared.
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    Is your Netgear switch the kind that plugs into the electric outlet, using in-house electricity wire? I've got a pair and they work beautifully and you can simply plug and connect. Sometimes I plug one in a room wher wireless signal is not very strong and voila, I am connected.

    One concern though: since these switches are plugged into the electric outlet directly, I am afraid they will not work if there is a power blackout in your area. I can put pc's and dsl modems on ups, but not these. So I do not put my main pc's on these switches.

    Apologies if off topic.
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  5. Everything at work, including PC's in offices, is on a big UPS backed by a diesel generator. If the power goes out, we can stay up for 24 hours.
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  6. Damn. Works with direct connect, but router fails.

    1000's of other customers with routers have no problem.

    Conclusion: IB is picking on my router.

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    By the way, has anyone figured out a way to fix the problem of Check for TWS Updates being run everytime on a reboot of a PC? The fix that IB recommended in this thread does not apply to me. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling with the latest TWS version and on every reboot the Check for TWS Updates is run. I would like to avoid just not running Check for TWS Updates entirely, although that is an option I am considering.

    By the way, I have one machine with this problem and another that does not have the problem.
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    that's was easy one. install standalone TWS. then->start->run->type msconfig->got to startup tab and uncheck box "Check for TWS updates". restart computer.
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    Yes that would work if I never wanted to run Check for TWS Updates again. What I want it to do is its normal behavior, that of checking periodically, say every 3 days, rather than every bootup.
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    i agree, ib support sucks. i left
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