IB waaay behind on tech support?

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  1. Bob111


    i tried Ib board, but got no respond from IB. appreciate yours :)
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  2. Bob111


    that's not all. i have some problems with bonds, which never been fixed since 2005. i complained and talk with numerous people for during those 2 years, but nothing was done.
    ratings for example never been updated since 2005. some of them gone from A to default, but in IB system they still rated as A.IB offer more than 15000 bonds and ratings are major fundamentals. keep them up to date really easy task, but....never done
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  3. cwb1014


    I've been getting disconnected from web-based TWS multiple times per hour for anywhere from 3 - 5 seconds, with data often freezing for 3 - 5 seconds before the actual disconnect. This results in repeated disconnects of up to 10 seconds each multiple times per hour.

    I'm connected to them through a Linksys RV082 router and was having no problems whatsoever with connectivity until roughly 30 days ago. If I bypass my router, and connect my TWS machine directly to my cable modem, I have no disconnect problems at all, but then of course my TWS machine is no longer connected to my network and it no longer has access to a backup DSL connection that I have on the router.

    Meanwhile, IB tech support has been aware of this problem for 30 days and not only hasn't come up with a solution, but also hasn't even bothered to figure out what's causing me to get disconnected. If they were to at least do that, Linksys could likely adjust the firmware for the router to accommodate whatever problem IB's having here, but IB seems utterly indifferent to pursuing this resolution.

    Has anyone here had similar experiences to this? Does anyone have any idea what might cause this problem? BTW, Linksys just sent me a new router, so I think we can rule a problem with it out, not to mention that TWS in the only thing I've ever had any connectivity problem with while using this router or its predecessor.

    Any help anyone can offer here would be greatly appreciated...
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  4. Try a different brand of router. If TWS works fine with a direct connection but falls over with the router connected, then I would start looking there.
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  5. rwk


    I had a similar problem and concluded the it was with the cable service. I changed modems, and it seem to get a little better. When I switched to DSL, I never had another disconnect. Cable disconnects seems to be more common with the older 3mbps service.
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  6. cwb1014,

    Almost every developer responsible for TWS connectivity on our staff has reviewed your issue because of your refusal to accept your router may be at fault. All believe the issue is on your end. I note you recently reviewed IB. IB has not promised to call you back. You have demanded IB call you everyday until the issue is resolved. I instructed the manager of our tech support not to do this. There is nothing more we can to diagnose your problem. Please understand we have dedicated days of work in attempt to locate a problem on our end. You need to take the advice of our programming team related to your router.

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  7. cwb1014


    I want everyone to know that I just received a call from a Managing Director at IB and it appears clear that he is genuinely committed to bringing this problem to a quick and lasting resolution and to improving the performance of IB tech support generally. I'll keep you all posted on progress here as it unfolds...
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  8. cwb1014


    Just for the record, I have not even remotely demanded that "IB call [me] everyday until the issue is resolved". I have, however, expected IB Tech Support to call me when they promise to, which they have done on several occasions--most recently day before yesterday--without bothering to call at all.

    As to your representation that "[a]lmost every developer responsible for TWS connectivity on our staff has reviewed your issue," your post is, unfortunately, the first time I've learned of anything like this. In none of my conversations with your Technical Support personnel was anything of this nature conveyed to me; I was instead simply told that your developers had no solution and that the Tech Support rep I was dealing with wasn't sure what had been done by your developers in an attempt to find one.

    In any event, consistent with my most recent post above, I'm hoping that this will soon all be behind us as IB strives to bring this specific situation to a quick and lasting resolution and to effect general improvements in the overall quality of its Technical Support.

    I'll continue to keep you all posted...
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  9. Let's see now....you have a connectivity problem when you are connected via a Linksys router. You have no connectivity problem when you are not connected via the router, but instead, connected directly to the cable. Hello?

    This doesn't look to be an IB problem. Why would you expect them to resolve it? Why not get a different router?

    By the way, I use a router (D-Link) and have for several years with no difficulty.

    While you're beating IB over the head, they're wasting precious time trying to figure out why YOUR router doesn't seem to work right, you could have got yourself another router for under $100. Which seems for cost effective to you?

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  10. Sanjuro


    I agree with OldTrader.

    Eliminate the possible problems one at a time and you'll isolate the actual problem.

    I would've replaced the router first before even calling tech support. I've had multiple routers fail after 1-2 years of service.

    Good Luck!

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