IB waaay behind on tech support?

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  1. Catoosa


    I think IB has the greenest grass. Since it is their quote and order platform that is the most important, I wonder if it would be better for TWS users if IB had their charting on a separate software platform?
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  3. Bob111


    IB GTD orders submitted via API not working anymore since this monday,when US switch to summer time. can any of IB representatives here PM me direct email to IB API developers?
    Thank you!
    #33     Mar 13, 2007
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  5. I've used IB for several years and tech support has never been high priority for them. Cost is what they emphasize. I doubt they'll change anytime soon. Try a diff broker if support is your thing.
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  6. Bob111


    here is screenshot-
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  7. Bob111


    and anothe one with no GTD option-
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  8. It looks like your feature selector might not have all the order types enabled. It's hard to trouble shoot based on screen shots. Please call us.
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  9. Bob111


    compare @ expiration time and server time
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  10. rwk


    IB has had some support problems in the past, but the last several times I have called, the support rep was prompt, knowledgeable, and polite.

    This forum is probably not the best place to diagnose and fix support issues.
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