IB Vs. Tradestation

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Comptalk, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. If I switch to IB, would it offer all the services that Tradestation currently offers? They have Mac software, and if it is the same, I would like to switch. Trying to ditch Winblows all together. This is the only program I current use Parallels for.
  2. IB software is pretty basic. The charting isn't good at all so I use something different but I place trades using their software. I think I might purchase buttontrader or brackettrader or something like that though once I learn the limitations of IB's software (for now it's ok).

    Tradestation sw is much better, but I hear the broker is terrible. I thought about opening an account with $5k just to have their software but by the time one pays for data it's expensive...
  3. I been using AmiBroker charting software plugged into IB for data . I was using ESignal plugged in the same software and cant tell much difference , specially when you consider the cost difference between the two ! jake