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  1. Anyone have experience with both? Have been with TS but thinking of moving..Like the idea of trading before 8am. Question about IB platform..Is nothing linked? I like the idea of clicking on 1 symbol and getting level 2, chart and news at same time..Does everything on IB have to be done separately? Also please rate the platform on IB for stocks...Any + or - would be appreciated..thanx
  2. IB is a great broker for the retail (day) trader I use it in combination with buttontrader (front end) and I use quotetracker for charts, quotes, level II and news. Works perfect! If you are a system trader than I think tradestation is the best choice.
  3. Thanks...Do you mean that you cant use IB for everything while trading stocks? I like to get in and out quick... Can you get level2, chart and news for a stock at the same time or do you have to get them up separately? Why do you use differtent services? Shouldnt IB be able to handle everthing for you?
  4. IB is a great broker but not a great trading platform (at least not for me) altough its getting better. I use quotetracker together with IB data (quotes and level II) and you can link every chart to a level II screen , T&S and news, you can even have multiple linked groups with quotetracker so that shouldnt be a problem. I use buttontrader for trading because its the best platform I have ever used for daytrading stocks. Just check out quotetracker.com and try the demo of buttontrader.com to see how it works.
  5. Thanks again and I will check them out...But let me ask you a question...If you use quotetracker for level2, T&S, news and charts and buttontrader to trade..what do you use IB for? Also does IB charge you a higher commision since you trade through buttontrader? Thanks in advance for your help
  6. I currently use both, I haven't had any real problems with IB or TS.

  7. i have ib + qcharts but as a test i opened a ts account for a month free trial to look at their software. ts likes to nickle and dime you for extras. their charts are inferior and i didnt like the way you have to run formulas off of charts instead of quote sheets. it probably would be ok for a futures trader but for stock traders you have to have too many charts open. their data is no better than qcharts. i liked ib + qcharts better so closed the ts account. to add insult to injury they charged me $50 to close the account. they are highly over rated.
  8. If I get IB , do I need qcharts? What is the advantage to that?
  9. ib is only execution software. their charts are not good enough for trading so you still need charting/scanning software. i find ib+qcharts works best for me.
    you do not have to get qcharts. you can get ib + medved for free and do an ok job but i need yearly charts.
  10. Thanks,,, Are there any other firms that let you trade before 8am besides IB?
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