IB vs. Thinkorswim for swing trading options, futures and Forex?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by crgarcia, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Maybe I'm comparing apples to oranges

    But what you think would be a better broker for swing trading QQQQ options, E-Mini futures, and Forex?

    Basically I buy dips or sell rallies and hold overnight; since I'm not scalping, don't need super-low commissions, or super fast order filling.

    IB brokers blackouts really scare me. Are they really that bad?

    I have an account with optionsxpress, but they don't offer Forex at all, and futures not for foreign citizens.

  2. dimmi


    What blackouts?

    I use IB all day mon-fri and they're fine connection wise.
  3. I would be wary of using Thinkorswim. I recently switched from IB due to all the good reviews on this site, big mistake. I just placed my first order with them. The stock traded almost 2 points below my order and no fill. When I realized this I contacted them, their response, we do not guarantee a fill! The price subsequently went back up a few points, resulting in a profit loss of a few thousand dollars. Seems no one cares about their oversight and they are not willing to make good on it. I had a similar problem with IB once and they made good on it. Guess it's back to IB!

    PS...Shortly after speaking to them about this, a popup appeared on their screen cancelling the order, too late, I had already printed the screen for possible legal action.