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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by NYSE Trader, Feb 17, 2003.

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  1. Any experience with both? eg, commissions, speed, support...
  2. hans130


    Dont have any experience with IB. But Pointdirex has very good service, reliable and flexible platforms for your trading style with a full Charting package.
    They also have NYSE direct.
    They also have access to bullets within the platform. If you do good volume you can get better commission rates than what IB offers. Also i am sure that if you talk to IB they can also offer you better pricing also.
  3. Good to know...thanks.
  4. jorges


    I am pretty pleased with PointDirex. No complaints. Service is good. I really like their new Platinum 6.0 which they recently released. It's with a complete charting package and automated bullets. Very good platform and at a good price.

    I do not have experience with IB. Never traded with them. I do have experience with Andover. I am very pleased with the PD product/service vs. Andover.

    Hope I helped with your question.
  5. Htrader

    Htrader Guest

    I like pointdirex because of its retail bullets. But I haven't opened an account with them mainly because I'm concerned with their stability/financial status. Can someone fully explain why they moved offices a few months back and why they decided to give up their nasd license and offer securities through white pacific instead?
  6. nitro


    I have an experimental account with http://www.choicetrade.com/

    Their rates are terrific and the bullets lightning fast. The support is good...the only bad part is they don't have "reasonable" software or quotes, but then again, you don't get charged for it either.

  7. jorges


    I have been with them for a few months now and am pleased overall. They are stable as far as I know. I haven't experienced any problems nor any issues raise concerns.

    They had moved because they downsized. That's what it looks like. They got into a strategic relationship with White Pacific and thought that its best to leave the brokerage to a brokerage company and for them to primarily focus on technology. This is what I saw and learned by talking to a few people there. I did speak with one of the owners as well and basically he said the same thing. I am for the most part very comfortable and have no concerns.

    Their owners are easily reachable. Feel free to contact them directly with any questions/concerns.....I did!
  8. jorges,

    why don't you be honest and just tell us you work for pointdirex--or just sign up under a new username and be more subtle in the future!
  9. jorges


    Being honest about a company doesn't mean that I work there...does it?
  10. hans130


    As far as i been trading with them. In mid summer last year, PointDirex had pulled out of the brokerage side of the business in order to focus on software development and software licensing.
    They no longer provide brokerage side of the business.

    Now you can access PointDirex software via many institutions. I currently use Platinum via White Pacific Securites (US), they have the best rates. You can use PD software via Parex Bank (Russia and Europe), Orion Securites (Middle East, Asia, and Pacific Rim), AcaoDirect (South and Central America), www.tradeFreedom.com (Canada).
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