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  1. Probably no recourse unless you want to file for arbitration. you could threaten to file a complaint with the SEC. My advice is just learn from it--never use a smart routing system for options. never. go ISE or CBOE, avoid AMEX.
  2. heh heh. It's funny that I ALWAYS avoid CBOE (ISE is best - even if ISE isn't posting a bid/offer at your price, try hitting them first - sometimes IB will autoex the order thru ISE) and will try to use AMEX whenever possible. Must be just coincidences.

    You can file an SEC complaint, but they (probably) won't do shit.

    I've got better advice for you - stop trading options.
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    That's not true, ThinkorSwim has probably the best smart options order routing system I've seen, there will be times when I want to route myself, but any time I've gone with ThinkorSwim's smart routing system I've also gotten the same fills that I would have if I routed myself to the exchange showing the best bid/offer.

  4. Does IB (or any broker) offer PHLX currency options?
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    what is at issue here?

    I trade options, just wondering if it is something i should know.
  6. Do you trade currency options? With which retail brokers?
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    no, i trade stock options.
  8. Q

    05/18- PHLX to Introduce Trading in World Currency Options


    Brokerage Firms
    - Advest, Inc.
    - A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.
    - Alaron Futures and Options
    - Ameritrade
    - Banc of America Securities LLC
    - Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc.
    - Brown & Company Securities Corporation
    - Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation
    - Dain Rauscher Incorporated
    - David Lerner Associates, Inc.
    - Daytrading.net LLC
    - DB Alex. Brown LLC
    - E-Trade
    - First Clearing Corporation
    - Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    - Gruntal & Co., LLC
    - H & R Block Financial Advisors, Inc.
    - Interactive Brokers LLC
    - Investec Ernst & Company
    - J.P. Morgan Securities Inc.
    - Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
    - Jefferies & Company, Inc.
    - McDonald Financial Group
    - Mesirow Financial, Inc.
    - Merrill Lynch
    - Miller Tabak & Co., LLC
    - Morgan Stanley
    - Neuberger Berman, LLC
    - Nomura Securities International, Inc.
    - OppenHeimer
    - Pershing Trading Company, L.P.
    - Prudential Financial
    - Raymond James & Associates, Inc.
    - Smith Barney Inc.
    - SG Cowen Securities Corp.
    - Spear, Leeds & Kellogg
    - Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.
    - TD Waterhouse Investor Services Inc.
    - UBS Investment Bank
    - Wachovia Securities
    - Weiss, Peck & Greer, LLC
    - William Blair & Company, LLC