IB vs. MB Trading Order Entry

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Ajax2004, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Ajax2004


    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to hear from people on their experience switching from IB to MBT or the other way around. I've read previous posts and looking for current opinions.

    I'm currently with IB and the only reason I am looking to change is because I don't like trading off the TWS, I am looking for an interface which will have price, quantity and order type boxes and buy/sell buttons.

    I am also considering MBT because of their integration with QCharts.

    My main concern is MBT's reliability. IB has been rock solid in that sense.

    Any opinions?

  2. Aok


    Have you tried one of the numerous front end that works in conjunction with IB?

    Among the most popular


    If you have not tried one of these, you're missing out.

    Also, there are several software that allow you to interface with your broker, IB in this case, and allow you to trade directly from your TA software.


    As far as MB navigator is concerned. I have my retirement account with them. No problems. Professional and helpful when Ive had occasion to call.

    However FWIW, I only trade that account 2-8 times a month as my hold times for those trades are weekly, monthly or longer.

    Swing trading or daytrading? I cant comment about their usefullness.

    Search "front end" "api" "IB" or the respective names above and you find more than you can read in one day.
  3. Do you like trading hot IPO like BIDU?
    IB has been disappointing with IPO for the first 30-60 minutes of trading...

    Have backup account if you can afford it ...

  4. Ajax2004


    Hi Aok,

    Thanks for the links. I was vaguely aware of those options but thought they were more suitable for futures trading rather than stocks. I have a different list of stocks I get from my scanner during the trading day so setting them up in these applications and switching between them would be quite clunky. I'll give them a test drive anyways so thanks for reminding me about them :)


  5. Ajax2004


    I've not been trying to trade BIDU but yeah I'm focusing on the fast stocks du jour. Most stocks were available for me on IB although you do get the occasional non shortable one like TIVO yesterday.

    Any idea what MBT is like in that sense?


  6. mrbud


    Ajax, I have used Navigator for a few years scalping Nasd stocks.
    It's solid, and someone answers the phone when you need it.

    Easy to use as well. {Buy, Sell, cancel buttons etc.}
  7. Ajax2004


    Thanks mrbud.

    No issues with quote lags and frequent or prolonged outages? I saw people on this forum complaining about that in April this year.

  8. Ajax

    QuoteTracker has a more traditional trading interface, like what you mentioned you were looking for. The others tend to be more specialized for use with futures (DOM interface)
    Screenshot of QT with MB Trading:

    You can copy/paste the symbols into QT pretty easily. It also has full Trade-Ideas integration.

    Jerry Medved
  9. Those issues where resolved by MB back in the spring.
  10. Ajax2004


    Hi Jerry, Thanks for this. I've tried QuoteTracker some time back. Didn't quite like the interface, sorry. Another issue for me was that I have long term positions as well and the historical charts in Medved aren't clickable and there's no data window. I also need a feed provider as I prefer not to rely on broker backfill. All that together meant I needed something like eSig/QCharts etc.

    Thanks for confirming the other issues were resolved.


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