IB vs Etrade vs PointDirex for Large Size Swingtraders

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  1. birdman


    Broker Fee Comparison For Swingtraders and intraday position traders as of 8-18-03.

    Base fees:

    5000 shares at IB = $27.50 per ticket.
    5000 shares at Etrade = $9.99
    5000 shares at PointDirex = $25

    10,000 shares at IB = $52.50
    10,000 shares at Etrade = $9.99
    10,000 shares at PointDirex = $50


    Smaller Size Looks Like This:

    1000 shares at IB = $7.50
    1000 shares at Etrade = $9.99
    1000 shares at PointDirex = $5.

    The PointDirex Fee Schedule shows a $5 minimum while the PointDirex Special Offer Page for EliteTrader Members seems to imply that ET Members can trade 500 share lots for $2.50

    If so, that's significant ... perhaps I misunderstood the offer.

    500 shares at .005 per share sounds good if you only read price action or hold positions for more than a few minutes.

  2. nestiv


    you should look for a firm that offers max ticket for large orders.

    i.e. P.M. me if you want more info


  3. looks like he has one in ETrade
  4. Our website advertises our regular 'per trade' commission schedule, but we do offer a .005 'per share' commission schedule exclusively for new traders that introduce themselves as ET Members.
  5. birdman


    sounds great,

    PointDirex should do very well indeed.

    Always like to see a biz do well, especially as a result of providing better or more affordable service.

  6. Etrade???? I don't think you can compare the softwre of Etrade with Point Direx and IB....you get what you pay for
  7. Bell


    Etrade has software? LOL
  8. ggekko


    betatrading has max ticket where it gets capped at $11.99 regardless of shares.

  9. are they using the PD system?
  10. Yes,

    Beta Trading in NJ is using our PointDirex Trading Platforms.
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