IB Vix products Margin??

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    Hello all,

    I just got off the phone with an IB margin representative. I'll be honest, either I didn't understand him or he didn't understand me.... soo here i am...

    I need to know the Buying Power Reduction / Margin for a credit spread and debit spread in VIX and VIX ETF's.

    I am reading that IB has an additional $150 of margin required for spreads in VIX products?

    Say I want to trade a 5 wide credit spread in Aug and I collect $1 for it? what is the BP and Margin associated with it?

    now say I want to trade a 5 wide debit spread in Aug and I pay $1 for it? What is the BP and Margin associated with it?
  2. couldn't you line up the order, right click and check margin impact?
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    Been trying to do this all morning lol... Im sure its simple im just new on TWS

    maybe i need some Youtube University on TWS
  4. I've never messed with VIX options with them, but I do know VIX futures spreads they seem to consistently have much higher margin requirements than what the exchange requires. At times it gets really screwy but other times not so bad. Varies a lot.
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    wait your saying the Margin requirement change?? Frequently?? how the shit is that supposed to work? how much extra capital does everyone keep in their accounts? How do you know that your spreads are secure and won't be liquidated?
  6. No clue on options. Futures and futures spreads they do though.
  7. ofthomas


    self explanatory? btw, this is for an IRA... but it will give you the idea as to what you need to do in order to see the requirements... and the same applies for any product.

  8. Joebone


    what does it mean with the *This is a current projection and is subject to change.

    does that mean they can change margin requirements for a position?

    thanks for the help BTW. nice screen shot for the walk through