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    Market data of IB is incorrect for 2 last week. What is happened?
    Anybody has the problem like on the attach.
    Support does not want to do anything
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    I wasted 2 days for useless talks with support and now my very interesting conversation had an interesting final
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    P: Ok, I do apologize for the confusion but according to our records you spoke to my Colleague Karen in Customer Service who confirmed of a known issue, Customer Service typically handles market data related issues.
    P: Customer Service had advised you to run our Beta version of TWS
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    and update your java. those are two most common 'solutions' of low level CS :p
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    Now everything is ok.Just installed new built.

    But I am wondered why IB support during 2 days tried to lie and persuade me that I am idiot. They told me that 400 000 - 600 000 lots on BAC best bids/asks are normal and they see the same numbers in Bloomberg,BookTrader and ect ???

    They do not want to solve so simple problem just wasted my and their time.

    I am shocked.
  7. 600,000? That's a quote of 6,000? No biggie.
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    I read it, and the problem was Megan C did not explain it to him correctly.

    If you short a stock, you are charged interest to short it, it can be a very small amount.

    You have to short stock in margin account not a cash account. So you need to calculate your margins correctly.

    For example, if you are 20% margin, your margin account is not maxed out and you would not be liquidated. I believe normal margin for stocks is 50% for max.

    So when you are under margin for example, you could take money out of your account which is like a loan against your account. I assume on IB you just have one account not a separate account that has cash in it, and another account that has margin positions in it, but I could be wrong.

    Now if you short a stock that pays interest, my understanding is that you have to pay the interest to the original owner of the stock, but I could be wrong.

    So the lesson learned is don't go max out your margin. In the past my broker would give me a margin call and let me close out enough positions to get back under margin. It seems like some brokers, just instant close positions these days.
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    It was in each stock. I saw that huge number of lots appearing everywhere.

    I see to Market Depth last 2 years every day and can identify false data.
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