IB versus JTrader platform

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  1. ChrisM


    I know it is nothing fresh, but the time goes by.
    Let’s try to compare them now.
    Any opinions greatly appreciated, especially complains :)
  2. enrick71


    Very nice thread. Is worth to pay 2$ more at least round turn for the J trader platform? It seems to me J trader give a lot of speed when trading the e mini, anyone who have tested Tws and j trader can answer?
  3. I just opened my IB account, and on a 3.5 Mb/sec cable connection I get filled the instant I touch the transmit key; however, I'm lucky to also have separate software for emini quotes, the IB quote server went down a few times today although the sending trades seemed to be functional throughout.
  4. Yes its about 200 to 300 milliseconds for martekable orders plus your internet latency with most of the time taken up CME's matching engine.

    If the quote feed is wacky its often a hint of other things going wrong. I would not send in an order if the quote feed is not right.
  5. ddefina


    I've been through two outages on the Emini's so far at IB and still haven't come close to losing what I've saved in commissions. $2 a round turn is a big difference if you do a lot of trades. Plus, when they go down, you have a 50% chance of making money as well. Poor traders might use outages to their advantage and come out ahead for once if they keep their hands out of things.

    As far as speed, there's no way j trader is faster, and if it is, it must be milliseconds, cause the fills are in milliseconds at IB so you only have so much to improve on.
  6. ChrisM


    I understand that IB has longer business record, am I correct ?
    I know so far many services getting worse through the time, maybe that`s the constant problem with all of them ?
  7. NKNY


    Are these just quote outages, could you have still entered a trade if you had independent quotes ?

  8. ddefina


    No, couldn't enter orders but quotes worked fine. They have separate quote servers and execution servers I believe, and when the execution server loses its feed, it ceases to function. It will then stop accepting orders including previously entered stops because they are resident on IB's side. Someone mentioned the Stop Limits are on Globex's server but I'm not sure about that. The outages are rare though but usually occur during heavy volume like end of day. Haven't had a problem for several weeks now though.
  9. defina, You crack me up. Some trading shrinks might even say your chances are better when the system is down.

    I've used j-trader and tws. About the same in everyway. people think they are getting fast fills with their broker. ALL brokers have fast fills on e mini.

    J trader takes up the whole screen. Need 2 screens if you use charts. tws can be reduced to a narrow strip for order entry and leave plenty of room for charts.

    But IBs quotes suck no doubt about it....My stupid bottom line isn't smart enough to distinguish the difference between a commission and a loss, so I have to keep commissions down to make my performance look good.
  10. ChrisM


    Is there any other, not so popular service, anybody using and it is worth recomendation ?
    Two platforms (i understand inexpensive) sound like monopoly.
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