IB versus Global (J-Trader)

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  1. I currently have my account with Global and I use J-trader for order execution.. no complaints..

    $8 Round Turn for Emini and any other market for daytrade.. and can trade just about any market including European stock indexes..

    How is IB compared to this.. I've heard $4.80 round turn for Emini.. is this true??? if so, I would have saved $966 over the last 4 months.. large amount considering my account is just a bit over $4,000...

    Are there any other charges added to the $4.80..does that include globex fees. the $8 from Global includes all fees..

    What platform does IB use?? is it reliable and easy to use.. and can I trade most markets through it??

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. $4.80 includes all fees.

    IB uses its own platform that takes a bit of getting used to. Once you're used to it however it is great. There are also numerous programs that you can use to interface with IB for order entry. A few off the top of my head are Bracket Trader and Ninja Trader. There are others that I'm sure the members here can tell you about.

    There is lots of information on ET regarding IB if you do a search.
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    I have both IB and Global.

    I like the IB platform better.....more information available to u and everything for trading is on on screen.

    The total charge for a r/t is $4.80....
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    IB's platform is an odd one that looks like a spreadsheet. Not graphical at all. In fact, at first glance looks pretty crude. But once you get used to it it's very fast, friendly, excellent implementation of hot-keys, many nice features, OCA orders, can pre-set as many orders in advance as you like, etc.
  5. I recently switched from J-trader (RCG) to IB for the lower commission. I was used to J-trader and didn't want to leave it. Now i'm in love with TWS.
  6. I really don't like the TWS platform used by IB, but I have gotten used to it. TWS does have some good features but it is not my taste. I like Lexus and Audi and some people like MB and BMW, it is just one of those kind of things. I do like the BEST DIRECT platform from PFG but I am not sure what their commissions are these days for round trip. I think you can get $3.90 r/t at AF if you have over $20,000 in your account.
  7. You are paying $7.90 r/t at Global so that you can get the $500 intraday per contract margin. This could be deadly for some. You are in a sense paying for the rope to which you will hang yourself! :eek:
  8. could be deadly is a very severe understatement.
    I think trading 1 ES on $500 would incur a 100% risk of ruin for anybody. Take anyone's trades for a month, plot out the equity curve, now randomly rearrange the order of the trades an plot it out again. You will easily find 10 ES point dips...
  9. The $500 per contract intraday margin WILL CAUSE a nuclear cataclysmic apocalyptic event!
  10. one more positive opinion for IB TWS platform, I love it.

    Much more comfortable than REDI as well.

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