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  1. looking for a download of ib version 908. the latest version does not work with ninga and an advisor account.
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  3. The "here" link above is no longer good. I have used it in the past and it used to take to a Ninjatrader web page. However NT also tell me that they do not have any links.

    I badly need the TWS 907 or 908.

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    I'm also looking for version 907 or 908 to work with Neoticker. Does anyone have it and would share it?
  5. I have TWS 908 for Windows. Let me know how I can send it to you. I can try and email to you. The file is over 20mb. I use Gmail which should be able to handle it.
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    Brocklanders, thanks for the email offer and for the download link. Since my email (ISP) has a 10 mb limit, it was better to download from Rapidshare. It came through fine, and has been vetted by two antivirus programs.

  7. Glad I could help. I happen to collect old TWS versions because I never seem to be on the latest release and probably never will. They come in handy, especially when you find a solid one that works!
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