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  1. IB US Stock Trading

    The unbundled pricing plan seems to be more complicated than its future counterparts. I especially have not many clues about "exchange fees".

    I'm not sure how I should select between IB "unbundled" and "bundled" stocks pricing plans, and most importantly, how it compares with other brokerage firms.

    1) What do I need to consider when I choose between "unbundled" and "bundled"?
    2) How do the pricing plans compare with other brokerage firms?
    3) what're clearing fees? Does it apply to selling shares or shorting?
    4) How about regulatory fees? Will it charge differently for an non-US citizen?

    Thanks! :)
  2. Does "all" here include all shares traded over different countries;
    or are only US shares traded counted toward the monthly cumulative volume?
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    I understand you are being cautious but based upon your other posts, I suspect you'll be much better off with the bundled plan for stocks. (I don't think you're going to be into the liquidity rebate type of trading). For futures, pick the contracts you'll be most active and make the decision to go bundled or unbundled off of that.

    I suggest you do the above. Trade for a month or two and review your trades and then switch is necessary. You aren't locked into either plan forever.
  4. Would you mind explaining a bit on this?

    As to regulatory fees, I'm not sure if there're some fees to do with US citizens only. I might be better off since I don't need to pay some of the fees.

    Hi def,
    Is it possible to partly join "unbundled" for some products/markets, partly join "bundled" for some others?

    Eg1: unbundled for US stocks (other country stocks have to be bundled), bundled for futures.

    Eg2: bundled for all stocks, bundled for some futures products; unbundled for some others.

    Is it possible?
  5. :confused:
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    I previously answered those questions in the PM you sent.

    1. yes.
    2. no.
  7. Not that part.
    I'm asking other unanswered questions.

    So the questions are:
    1. Are all ECN fees "direct-passthrough" from specialists or market makers to IB customers?

    2. How and when does the following regulatory fees apply:
    - NYSE TC600
    - NYSE regulatory fees
    - MASD regulatory fees

    Common sense says NYSE-related fees should go to NYSE market; NASD-related fees should go to NASDA market.
    But is it true?
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  9. How do you deal with the fractions when calculating fees and commissions?

    Do you charge fractions? [From the examples given in US stock, it's not. Weird!]
    If not, do you use rounding? Or Rounding down? Or rounding up?