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  1. FYI:

    Most Futures accounts can now run 4.0.
    All Equities accounts should now be using 4.0.


    If your account window does not show up properly, upgrade your 4.0.

    Any other questions - check with IB support about, but almost every TWS customer should be using 4.0 at this point.

    Just a heads-up.

  2. Since I upgraded I have problems saving my layout and getting symbols. Is it the JRE 1.3? Do I really need to uninstall 1.3 before downloading JRE 1.4?
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    I heard it was best to uninstall 1.3 before installing 1.4 (with that said, I installed 1.4 on over 3 PC's on top of 1.3 w/o any problems). There is a discussion on the topic and suggestions and potentially incompatibilities on the tech forum on the IB web site. You should get better information from there.
  4. Thanks Def,

    I went to the TWS forum and it appears there are some issues with the new release but none of the posters had the problems I have. Is it normal that to enter a symbol by typing in a cell I now have to type the symbol then # then the exchange?
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    That might be the way to add an exchange w/o calling up the pop up menus. I've always just entered a symbol and hit return. i.e. IBM or ES, hit return and choose from the pop up menu.
  6. TWS has two modes: ´Symbol´or ´Underlying´

    See: TWS Settings --> Contract Display

  7. Well I downloaded this JRE 1.4 and now when I click on the TWS icon it still asks me to upgrade to JRE 1.3. I did not uninstall 1.3 though because I was not sure I could download 1.4 (ISP problems) I am going to try to run the TWS upgrade wizard.
  8. andy4



    is there anyway to actually see where my "trailing stop" is when placed ?

    I know I place it and so far seems to have worked fine, but it would ease my mind a little to see at what price it is at, not just T-stop at so and so points ?

    Thanks, Andy

    p.s. only used T-stop for the last 6 days, but so far so good, at least as the t-stop working, just have to work on method :) (eminis)
  9. Oh yeah now I have 2 of those JRE 1.4 icons on my task bar. I could really do without those bimonthly upgrades . :confused:
  10. Ticker symbol problem resolved thanks FX-trader . Still unable to save settings (new pages actually)and TWS does not recognize JRE1.4.
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