IB updating problems today

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by softdown, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Has anyone noticed the EUR/USD quote updating very slowly in the begining of the afternoon, 1pm-3pm EST ?
    The quotes froze for several seconds at a time. Same pb. with the market depth tool.
    I am with IB UK, maybe the problem was only with them ?
  2. Sorry,

    Double post - thought the first one didn't make it to the forum.

    For the IB clients in US, did you have any problem with the quotes for EUR/USD ?
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  4. 4DTrader, thanks for the tip - damn those Frenchmen and Germans ! :D

    Since I'm new at this game, does this happen often (the cabling cutting, ...) ?

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    Thanks so much for your English humor!:)
  6. I think this Friday afternoon was quite slow everywhere.
    I can't speak for IB, but Oanda was slow too.
  7. Another newbie question: since the regular trading day is over (5pm EST for EUR/USD), the quotes stopped completely.
    Do I have to configure TWS to receive the quotes outside the regular trading session ?
  8. No.

    But beware that everything shuts down until Sunday afteroon. Times on IB site ... help system availability maybe.