IB --> Unrealized P&L discrepency between Trader's Dashboard and Total Row

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by nanirina, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. nanirina


    Hi gurus,
    I've been using IB for awhile, and I have a portfolio page that lists all my stocks. And on the portfolio page there's a Total row, which sums up the unrealized P&L of each of my position.

    But this total is NEVER the samd as the unrealized P&L on the trader's dashboard.

    Which one is correct? Right now I'm concerend because the two numbers are off by $1000. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I don't use the P&L column on a portfolio page. Never cared for it. But I look at the dashboard frequently. I think it's right.

    Maybe the portfolio page doesn't use your initial cost basis. Ought to be easy enough to check each of your entries on the portfolio page to see if they are correct, compare with the dashboard.

  3. i found a bug where if you trade none USD forex pairs. the commissions (in USD) dont get factored into the P/L column of the account page, it just gets subtracted from the currency balances on the left without any type of accounting.

    the end result is i have no idea what my daily P/L is until all my positions are closed and I compare the starting cash balances to the ending one.

    their accounts page needs a complete rework. it hurts me to say by fxcm's accounting was so much easier to read.
  4. nanirina


    Umm, the problem is, if I look at the Accounts page, and I add up all the P&L of all my positions, I get the total on the "Total row" on my portfolio page.

    But the Trader's dashboard is off by $1000.

    Also, whenever I cover a position, the dashboard displays my Realized P&L as the same number as the unrealized P&L on my portfolio page before I take profit. So this is truly mind boggling.

    And it's really annoying now because the difference keeps on increasing.
  5. nanirina


    The portfolio page shows the cost as the average price, taking in to consideration comissions I believe.
  6. cscott


    This has been a bug for awhile. I'm hoping they will finally fix it. It bugs the hell out of me!