IB under 21 rule

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by FCXoptions, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. I just tried opening an account with IB for futures...and they won't let me open one for anything except stocks because I am not 21. I wont be for a couple months :( looks like I will just keep practicing till May.

    Is this a rule at many places or just IB?
  2. gmst


    Thats good news buddy. it means you are going to keep your money with you for 2 more months before we take it from you in the markets :D

    j/k :cool:
  3. Haha that's what I was thinking, maybe that is a sign that I need 2 more months of practice before going live lol. The plan and strategy are solid though! I am ready to get up and running!

  4. Ohhh ohhh Fresh meat for the slaughter, he is mines first :)
  5. Haha not my first time in the markets in general....just in futures lol.

    I contacted IB and asked if that was a rule for all firms or just them and the lady first said that is a rule for options, futures, and everything other than equities. I said uhh I have been trading options since I was 18, then she said it was just something that their compliance department instituted not an official rule for all accounts.