IB unbundled pricing commission for USA Stocks

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    Hi folks,

    Anyone uses IB to trade US stocks? Understand that IB charge a minimum 1 USD for bundled pricing for US stocks..
    Any idea about the unbundled pricing scheme for US stocks? e.g. purchasing just 1 share of IBM, the unbundled commission should be about $0.0035+0.000011 + $0.00094+$0.03= $0.034451 should much less than 1 USD. Am I right? or is the minimum charge for unbundled pricing scheme is also 1 USD?
    Any comments is very much appreciated... Thks
  2. IB tells you the minimum charge for unbundled is $0.70.

    From the "Notes:"

    "3. For US orders, USD 0.7 minimum per order, only the bundled fee structure is available for Non-Smart Routed API orders."
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    undersytand that If i dont deposit my inital 10,000 capital in usd... when i buy USD stock with no USD, I will be borrowing $ until I convert/transfer sufficient USD funds. which can become quite complicated right...

    if i am just trading US stock, I can do away with all this compicated coonversion by depositing all my capital using USD.the only additional charges that traders should be familiar with would be interest costs which are detailed here;


    Any pros and cons for just holding usd or should i use multi currency?

    under for the 10,000 usd, we are paid an interest of 2.24 annually rigt..
    I dont really understand Interest Paid on Long Cash Balances and Interest Charged on Short Cash Balances. does it mean IB pay us interest 1.74% (BM - 0.5%) for the remaining cash balance in our account after we have bot stock..
    if we short stock, interest will be deducted 3.74% (BM + 1.5%) from our balance..