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  1. What is with these people? Longrunning threads about how they are not fixing things and when they do, they break something else, that should tell me something..

    I can't get in to initiate a wire transfer today, I mean, I can login but after that the webpage doesn't respond to the mouse. The TWS standalone takes about five minutes to boot up and login, after that, trading is fine, at least they have that working...
  2. No problems here with acct mgmt or TWS standalone.
  3. It might have been about the browser, was using Chrome. Just now I pulled up IE and everything went great...
  4. That's too long.......if it is always that slow for you then you may not have enough free memory or something like that.........
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    Things started to become difficult when I tried the funds management page earlier today, and haven't been able to log in Acct management ever since - neither on Firefox nor IE.

    IB giving me a hard time these days, updated the mobiletws on iphone and it doesn't memorize the contracts on the watchlist; I have to enter them abt twice a day .

    Some issues as well with internal transfers between the main IB acct and the IB UK CDF subaccount.

  6. I have lost about 6 watch lists on my iPad since they introduced the option to update from another device or desktop. I opted for remind me. Definitely a coding screw up. I can't be bothered to re-enter everything and risk losing it all over again so I'll wait until they fix it. Looking at more than 60 instruments/symbols here.

    Like you said, bummer. Why can't people test their stuff properly before rollout?
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    This was addressed recently; please download update from iTunes. Sorry for inconvenience.
  8. I don't use anything directly from IB, it's NEVER worth the hassle and I have to assume that it NEVER will be. Sierracharts has to deal with IB, not me.

    There have been car manufacturers that NEVER got it right.. they all fold eventually. I have to assume that IB will fold when some economic or technical event brings them to the end of their run. Meanwhile, it's ok, it's like driving a Peugeot in the 1970's or something...
  9. A couple weeks ago, my mobiletws watch lists for my real account and paper trading account disappeared. The watch lists are still there if I logout and use delayed data. Short of taking screenshots and re-entering the watch lists manually, is there any way I can restore them?
  10. I did the update for iPad and all my lists reappeared. Did that not work for you?
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