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  1. Interactive brokers doesn't allow to trade futures or futures options without open interest and gives error - unable to compute monetary value of the contract

    I'm particulalry interested in currency futures options

    Can anyone recommend a brokers which doesn't have this limitation and can trade all contracts listed on Globex no matter if it has open interest or not
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    Mirus Futures allows one to trade currency futures at pretty good margin.

    Remember margin does change when markets close for futures. However, you can ask them what times during the day and night the markets so that you can close your position if you don't want to risk higher margin.
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    That is not correct. If you want to let me know which contract in particular you're looking at I can ask someone to take a look. For example, I know the EuroStoxx contracts on the SGX have no open interest in July and the attached screenshot will show working orders that I just placed where there was no a bid ask.
  4. What I'm trying to trade is new weekly currency futures options like this one. I have already contacted the support and was answered those kind of options are not tradable if there is no open interest

    CAD JUN'11 Futures

    Security Type

    Contract Month

    Expiration Date
    MAY 13 '11




    Trading Class



    Region Name
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    We are not offering weekly FX options yet. Open interest does not matter.
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    CME weekly FX options are released to customers.
  7. any idea when weekly options will be allowed to be traded? Grains are coming out with weekly options as well...

    Also any timeline if ever on CSOs? Thanks.